Best board portal software that is perfect for big organizations

The traditional ways of doing business with face-to-face meetings and travel have long been sidelined. Instead, more and more business owners tend to conduct them remotely. This article will present the best board portal solutions for efficient online collaboration.

Board portal – a secure communication platform for management bodies

Documents for executives are usually strictly confidential and often explosive. Thus conventional online tools and apps are out of the question for processing them. The use of so-called board portals, which were specially developed for the unique features of the digital communication processes of top management, is recommended here. These modern video conferencing systems successfully solve communication tasks facing large corporations.

Full compliance with employees’ use of their own devices will allow them to work with any device – laptop or desktop, mobile phone or tablet – to share content or collaborate online. The board members can start a mixed meeting using the video conferencing platform they choose on their laptop or computer and connect to the USB cameras, microphones, and speakers available in the meeting room.

Board portals solutions for your business

The quality of your meetings depends on your effort and preparation and the product you use. So you can quickly lose customers by using insecure platforms where meeting quality is best. For this purpose, we have determined the list of the most preferred board portals among large organizations:

  • BoardMaps
  • BoardPro
  • Diligent
  • Wrike
  • iDeals Board
  • Boardvantage
  • AzeusConvene.

These technologically advanced board portal solutions make it easy to manage online board meetings without paper-based documentation. Meetings are now cheaper than in-person visits and creating multiple-copy documents for each board member.

Why the board software is perfect for online collaboration?

According to board evaluations, modern board portal vendors ensure the following advantages for large companies: 

  • Quick start and easy meetings

Implementing a new tool or new technology means taking the time to learn how to work with it. And every minute of a working day is precious. With the board portal software, the board members don’t need additional training, heavy manuals, or instructions from IT professionals. They can also conveniently use the conference room screen to start meetings and share content. Instant messaging functionality is part of a scalable enterprise solution that provides high security and seamless integration with other products.

  • Security

Due to the collaborative, user-friendly and protected working environment, the board members always have an overview of sensitive and confidential data. The board portal ensures robust security measures like data encryption, digital watermarks, two-factor authentication, and access data control.

  • Automation of the entire cycle of organizing meetings

The board portal allows you to organize meetings: form the agenda of the meeting, determine issues for discussion, set the time of the meeting, and determine the participants of the meeting. For the participants of the scheduled meeting, notifications about the place, time, agenda and issues of the meeting are provided. All decisions made at the conference are recorded directly in the system. Based on these decisions, the system generates minutes of the meeting. After agreeing on the protocol, control over the implementation of the decisions taken is organized. The board software has a calendar where you can work with meetings: schedule new ones and view already scheduled ones. Meetings scheduled in the system can be synchronized to the corporate mail calendar.