The VDR Market Has Profited By Growing Tendency For Data Protection

The shift to telecommuting has increased the burden on corporate security with an increasing number of attacks on web applications and databases. This article will explain why most companies today choose Virtual Data Rooms for deal-making.

Why do companies choose Data Room for secure collaboration?

For almost a year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have been living at the epicenter of a global crisis. Countries have been able to quickly adapt to the new reality and transfer much of what we are used to doing offline. Such a shift, on the one hand, is an excellent way out of the current situation, but on the other hand, it is accompanied by numerous risks and quite tangible negative consequences. This is, first of all, about the increased number of cyber threats associated with new online activity.

Today when a significant proportion of people have moved to work online, companies are at greater risk – especially those that were not initially prepared for such changes and/or do not have the necessary security protocols to remotely connect staff to the corporate network. In terms of information security, an employee inside a corporate network and an employee who connects to it from home are users in different digital environments. 

To quickly restructure business processes, companies and enterprises around the world hastened to move to cloud solutions, establish the use of video conferencing and instant messaging services, systems for joint planning, and file sharing. In this situation, Virtual Data Room technology is a leader among cloud solutions. The software provides a secure collaborative workspace as well as a protected data repository and makes the process of holding business deals transparent.

In e-commerce, protecting user information and making business practices transparent is a matter of respect. When a user is fully aware of how their data is being used and has control over their own online user experience, their trust in the company is strengthened. And the more trust a user has in a brand, the stronger customer loyalty in the long term.And according to statistics on the use of the virtual data room pricing here and market development in general, this technology is trusted.

The peculiarities of the Data Room security system

The reliability of today’s Data Room solutions is much higher than the reliability of your own physical IT infrastructure. To ensure the continuity of business processes in all situations, a professional service provider must reserve the components of the information system,

Digital Data Room provides the construction of highly reliable data storage systems. Distributed storage network technologies are being implemented. To protect data from physical or logical damage, work is being done to create backup systems and replicate data in them. Backup and archiving systems ensure the safety of information critical to the company’s business, the optimal ratio of recovery time to the time of data recovery, and minimize the impact of the human factor on backup procedures.

The following elements should act as components of the Data Room data protection system:

  • a system of centralized management of information security means;
  • means of detection and prevention of intrusions;
  • antivirus security tools;
  • means of cryptographic information protection;
  • means of firewalling;
  • means of differentiation of access;
  • tools for monitoring and managing events;
  • means for monitoring the integrity of information and applications.

In addition to a reliable technological base, Data Rooms today have sufficient information security at all levels of the architecture of a virtual data center, both following international standards, and the requirements.